Promarc Software Pvt. Ltd.

A few words about us

Based in Nagpur, Promarc provides off the shelf software and also custom software development to various businesses & organisations world-wide. Founded in June 2003 Promarc has established its technical credibility in the marketplace by giving great level of attention to projects we were entrusted with.
Through time we discovered that no two projects are exactly the same and one of our main assets is the ability to find solutions to match your needs. As a result, we have always provided more than just a multimedia presentation or a web site or a set of tools for business performance measurement and improvement. We analyze your requirements and provide optimal solution, assisting you in reaching your business targets.

Why Choose Us?

From the outset we were fortunate, having customers with very different requirements. In our quest for perfect solutions, we were expanding our expertise of a wide range of technologies. From customised software development to automation of business processes, from database design to application development, from graphics to animations design, from artistic creation to programatic excellence, from synergetic view to logical conclusions. For you it may mean obtaining better and cost-effective solutions with less hassle. Now you can hire just one company – where before you might have needed more. You can also be sure that our extensive knowledge of various crafts will result in most elegant but practical solution for your project.

We are a group of expert software engineers with proven track record, diverse expertise and are able to poise software development efforts and project extent to your business requirements. We are quick to grasp the uniqueness of each of our clients and focus painstakingly on the individual needs of our clients as a basic step to move forward. 

With us, you can be sure of unfaltering support, stronger trust and state of the art software development cycle. When it comes to Software Development Services, we have successfully delivered a variety of customised software products to clients spread across domains. 

We have expertise for both web and desktop based software application solutions. Inspite of the disadvantages, desktop applications are still as popular as web application. However most enterprises use and options for web based solution for global access. 

We offer to build back-office applications that can be used by clients to manage their operations as well as to manage their websites. Our team is capable to produce customised software solution at various levels. Our team of experts will analyze your requirements and suggest either the web/desktop mode of development.

Ask us – you may be pleasantly surprised by the solution we provide

At Promarc we deliver cost-effective and reliable software solutions tailored to your business requirements.
We can develop software that will assist your company by:

 • Managing your client / supplier relationships
  • Automating currently manual tasks or streamlining existing procedures
  • Monitoring and analyzing your valued data in a more productive way
Development of custom software is a complex process and the final result usually costs you 30-40% more than an off-the-shelf alternative. Project’s complexity grows exponentially with its size and often companies cannot afford all-round solutions. In real life you would rarely need to re-equip all your business activities with new software. Usually for 70-90% of your every day routines you would find an affordable off-the-shelf solution leaving only 30-10% uncovered. If this programmatically untouched area of your business is trade specific (which is usually the case) you may greatly benefit from its automation and further integration with your existing systems. Whatever the scale of your project we can help you with it: we will analyze your requirements; design solution for you; program, test and install it; prepare documentation and train your staff.

Ask us. It costs you nothing but you can gain great deal more

It doesn’t take much to make a web site – a few interlinked pages with text and images and here you go, but it takes a great deal more to produce a successful web site that works for you. Success of a web site usually starts with its design; it projects your company image and gives credibility to your online presence. But design of a web site (or generally any application) is much more than just “look and feel” – it is ease-of-use which makes it one step closer to success. Your web site becomes user-friendly when its visual solution backed up by well planned data structure, when user finds information with one click instead of two …
In many cases well designed and easy to navigate web site will make great online presence for your company, it will improve your brand-awareness and increase your potential client base. But what if you have an extensive catalogue of products or services to offer? By allowing your potential customer browse through your products database and buy them online you unleash the real power of a web solution – its functionality. Selling to your customers directly online is just one possible use of web applications. When a part of a business is automated by web application it becomes independent of two factors: time and distance. Tasks like resource management (teams, schedules etc) can gain flexibility especially if your business is scattered geographically. Whatever type of a web solution you may require we will bring the right team for each task to ensure your project’s success.