Medical Transcription

Promarc is a full-service medical transcription company, covering almost every specialty. We always maintain patient confidentiality and are committed to providing you with excellent quality at a very competitive rate. If you’re looking for an alternative to those expensive medical transcription services, you have come to the right place.
We are located centrally in the heart of India, Nagpur, providing our clients with high quality work. We pride ourselves in producing efficient and accurate medical documents, delivered in a timely manner, and meet the unique needs of each and every client.
We combine quality, experience and confidentiality to provide you with services you can reply on...time after time!
Promarc is one of the leading providers of medical transcription services to healthcare providers in the United States of America and Canada.
We provide medical transcriptions services to hospitals, practices, individual doctors and MTSOs. Our services are extremely cost-effective and high-quality, while maintaining a very short average turnaround time. Our services are very secure. 

We are truly a one-stop solution for all your medical transcription  needs and have become the preferred choice of our healthcare providers for their medical transcription needs. If you want more information regarding our MT services,or want to set up a free trial, please email us at or visit our website.

Medical reports that we handle

  • Chart Note
  • Letter
  • Consultation
  • SOAP notes
  • Procedure notes
  • History and physical examination
  • Discharge summary
  • Operative reports
  • Initial office evaluation
  • Emergency room reports
  • Lab reports

    Our state-of-the-art dictation to document service includes:

    • Professional quality transcription services
    • Our state-of-the-art dictation to document service include
    • Professionally designed templates
    • Set-up on secure internet drives for transfer of dictation
      (voice files)/transcribed files
    • 12/24 hour turnaround time for regular dictation as per client needs
    • 4 hours or less turnaround time for stat dictation
    • Invoicing on a schedule that is convenient for you
    • Competitive rates
    • All electronic files/records are backed up on a hard drive for one year

    USP: Competent Transcriptionists, High Quality Orientation, Quick TAT.